June 16, 2010

jalan jalan cari makan


remember the main reason why we need to organize wedding reception. because of so many items to look into, sometimes we forget the most important thing right? from islamic view, wedding reception is a way to announce to neighbors, friends & relatives that a couple is legalize married. and to thank the guests by providing food. to me, i need to select the right caterer.

silveritage hall has given a panel list for appointed caterer. tried food testing few with them, but none i interested with. luckily i found this caterer from the net ngeee.. tudong saji caterer.
after frustrated with other caterers i told myself this is the last food testing i would have...penat makan free okeh.

i took food from kenduri from them around 3pm, then i went out with my friend. then late nite 12pm, i felt hungry, then i remembered i left the testing food in the car OMG it's gonna be spoilt!! but it happen the food was in good condition (impressive).

the moment i taste the food (after reheat of course), i felt in love with it. rasa relieve cos finally jupa food yang puas ati.

next day, i called TS (Tudong Saji), asked their availability on my wedding date. when he reverted to me few days after, "maaf, kami ada order lain on the same date which located at Bidor & we are not able to handle 2 reception yang jauh2"..kecewa gile masa tuh. i dok mention to my tunang kecewa3...

disebabkan tak tertahan kecewa itu, i did cal TS again & persuade them to be my caterer. later than TS agreed..yeay!!

for those who booked silveritage hall, take note that u guys can hire other than pelamin & caterer appointed panel oke. just write a letter to the manaegment informing your offucial vendor ya..


intan said...

mind if i ask about tudongsaji price per pax? saje nk tinjau2 dulu..

journey of a lady said...

Intan, bleh refer kt blog dia which i linked kt post i ni. Biasa dia stated price kt blog dia