June 27, 2010

quality time

weekend quality time kali ni bukan ler kuar dating..
but we spent time painting bilik pengantin kt umah aku...
we only did for feature wall..sejam je siap warne plum grey tuh..patut la deco bsama eric leh cepat siap..

tp part wat stencil (which i did it alone sbb tunang saya da balik-kena tunggu 2 jam kering br leh wat stencil)

this stencil i prepared earlier using manila card sbb xtau nk pakai ape kn..

tp silap saya..patut batang pokok itu kena gune masking tape je..tp saya xberani nk masking tape-means kena lakar kt dinding..thats y prep awal2...so ape yg jadi?border manila card tu cat da sip so manila card terlekat kt dinding!! and i kena repair which took longer time compare cat background oke :(

so klu anda sume nk pakai manila card as stencil, make sure belakang manila card at border tuh tampal masking tape dlu

total damage roughly RM70 termasuk tools (brush, roller, masking tape, manila card)

sila-sila lah tgk pic before & after hasil penat lelah kami generally ngeee

pic before start painting works

my feature wall

end product yeay!

June 18, 2010

terima kasiH

setelah i listed down my progress baru lah realize so many things to do.
today i managed to siap kn my TQ tag using PS.
just need u all punye feedback ye.
bear in my, this TQ tag i will cut into round scallop ye.
tp untung printing i anta square shape la..
comment please..please

Note: after i posted this topic, i just realize i am revealing my name & wedding date which never been mentioned in this blog... ngeeee

June 16, 2010

jalan jalan cari makan


remember the main reason why we need to organize wedding reception. because of so many items to look into, sometimes we forget the most important thing right? from islamic view, wedding reception is a way to announce to neighbors, friends & relatives that a couple is legalize married. and to thank the guests by providing food. to me, i need to select the right caterer.

silveritage hall has given a panel list for appointed caterer. tried food testing few with them, but none i interested with. luckily i found this caterer from the net ngeee.. tudong saji caterer.
after frustrated with other caterers i told myself this is the last food testing i would have...penat makan free okeh.

i took food from kenduri from them around 3pm, then i went out with my friend. then late nite 12pm, i felt hungry, then i remembered i left the testing food in the car OMG it's gonna be spoilt!! but it happen the food was in good condition (impressive).

the moment i taste the food (after reheat of course), i felt in love with it. rasa relieve cos finally jupa food yang puas ati.

next day, i called TS (Tudong Saji), asked their availability on my wedding date. when he reverted to me few days after, "maaf, kami ada order lain on the same date which located at Bidor & we are not able to handle 2 reception yang jauh2"..kecewa gile masa tuh. i dok mention to my tunang kecewa3...

disebabkan tak tertahan kecewa itu, i did cal TS again & persuade them to be my caterer. later than TS agreed..yeay!!

for those who booked silveritage hall, take note that u guys can hire other than pelamin & caterer appointed panel oke. just write a letter to the manaegment informing your offucial vendor ya..

progress, progress,progress

today. i need to plan & tabulate my progress so far. to many things to DIY. i need to have target date or else o would lost my concentration..arghhhh
ok2.i promise tonite i will put on left of the layout things to do. from major to the very finest thing. janji!

June 13, 2010

capture that moment

salam sejahtera semua...
i want to write about everybody sure would share; OP
mentang2 my brother would sponsor this so xpenah plak ade post regarding OP..
my brother is a freelance photog. so since day 1 dia da betau nak handle on this particular things...so i accept je la cos 1.jimat cost :) 2.senang kot nk discuss on the concept ke, picture selection ke 3.kang kecik ati dia plak if i hire other photog kn??ngeee

anyway, i don't want my brother jd photog on that day..cian dia kena bekerja plak..so he will hire his fren to shoot+burn.. he will do editing work...

bleh tgk my bro work kt sini ek

he is based in alor star, tp would do to other place jugak...so far bahagian utara la..
and dia jugak beria nk wat pre wed for me...cane ni,segan la mak nk pose manja-before kawen dpn my own bro...hahaah

so kat sini i paste sket la his workmanship..

yang penting i da pesan kt dia..ayat2 cinta dlm album is a no!

June 10, 2010

magazine bilik tdo pengantin & pelamin to let go

ntah mcm mana..i order online this mag from karangkraf sbb edition lama gak kn..tetiba sampai 2 plak majalah ni..so i dont know what to do..sape nk beminat nak please betau ek??i just nk give away je..but dont expect collection dlm tuh latest punya...hahaha but may b can give some idea..nnti when i free i upload la pic cover mag tuh...tp uols kena bear the shipping ek?

candle lantern

i bought 6 pc of this item...sape2 yang berminat nk rent let me know ek?
i plan to use this for my centerpiece...boleh gak pakai hias dulang hantaran..

i rs nk rent RM9 per pc...klu sewa all 6 pc RM45..ok x? but of course with deposit la ekkk

guest Book

never plan to have this guest book..tapi masa lalu depan pasar baru kt bandung, i found this "buku tamu" yang nice & paling penting murah..so why not??theeeee

price??RM9 only ye

made in bandung...

gembira nye saya..last 2 weeks i received my dress from bandung..so nk sneak peek bj itew...ngeeeee

tp sementelah dicoba, dress tuh small sket kt bahagian dada & longgar kt wrist...cane nih?kt ne nk alter?biasalah baju skali fitting..tp sgt3 ler puas ati dgn jahitan
kemas, xnmpak pon tampal2 lace itu & sgt cepat..imagine 3 weeks i da dpt the dress incld shipping period tau...beading pnye la penuh pdhal arga tu kira paling mura i nego..hahahah i told him if with that price beading xbyk pon ok..tp dia boh penuh jugak cume xde la stone besar2 tu..stone bsr yg mhl kn?

xsabar nak pakai, boleh??

i hope my tailor kt ipoh tuh nk terima la alter this dress..kena buat muka sedih..
for those nak tempah baju kt ipoh i rcommend elly tailor kt ipoh town..kemas giler dia jahit & dia buat lace & chiffon jugak & nice!but a bit pricey la..klu kurung moden chiffon RM170..but confident la dia xkan rosakkan kain2 mhal u all!!