June 13, 2010

capture that moment

salam sejahtera semua...
i want to write about everybody sure would share; OP
mentang2 my brother would sponsor this so xpenah plak ade post regarding OP..
my brother is a freelance photog. so since day 1 dia da betau nak handle on this particular things...so i accept je la cos 1.jimat cost :) 2.senang kot nk discuss on the concept ke, picture selection ke 3.kang kecik ati dia plak if i hire other photog kn??ngeee

anyway, i don't want my brother jd photog on that day..cian dia kena bekerja plak..so he will hire his fren to shoot+burn.. he will do editing work...

bleh tgk my bro work kt sini ek

he is based in alor star, tp would do to other place jugak...so far bahagian utara la..
and dia jugak beria nk wat pre wed for me...cane ni,segan la mak nk pose manja-before kawen dpn my own bro...hahaah

so kat sini i paste sket la his workmanship..

yang penting i da pesan kt dia..ayat2 cinta dlm album is a no!