May 3, 2010

TV- one of the hantaran

On the labour day, me & Messieurs E went to QB penang..reason? to redeem my F21 voucher

But end of the day, I was not only get new dress, we also bought a 42” Plasma TV (as dowry to him)!!

Eventhough we did not plan to buy this early but the offer so tempting. At first we both 50-50, since we plan to get LCD TV not a plasma TV (the price more or less je).. tapi oleh kerana incik SA itu amat pandai mengexplain kebaikan Plasma TV yang konon2 plasma Tv better than LCD TV maka kami pon sign je ler order form (aku ler yg sign nyer)..Senyum ler cik abang saya itu.

Under the promotion, we entitle to get:

Of course the TV itself

Wall bracket with free installation

Lumix camera (ori price RM449) à since we don’t have our own camera (all this while been using company camera..cian kan??) so this is a good bargain until we have enough money to buy Panasonic GF1 oke.

Extended warranty up to 5 years.

Sila lihat imej di bawah untuk lebih details.

This offer valid to all authorize Panasonic retailer (any Panashop) so don’t worry ler if ur location far from Penang. Just go to the nearest dealer oke.

So relieve sket when 1 item slash from my checklist :)


Reen Tart Nenas said...

camner awak nak letak tv tu sebagai hantaran? :) setakat nie dah 2 org saya jumpa kasi tv. hehehe

journey of a lady said...

owh..senang je..letak remote...klunk orng tau saiz bape inci boh la manual book dlm talam jugak..ngeee