May 14, 2010

Bandung Trip

It’s boring in the office. Boss is also not around. Theee
I want to wrap up my holiday (or shall I call it shopping activity??) in Bandung. It was 4 days trip with my fiancé & friends. The most important is my reception dress. I did contact a tailor there. So the day we arrived he came to our place & discuss on the design. He brought indon mag for my revision. That nite I spent looking to those mags sampai tetido.
The next day we went to Pasar Baru..The tailor waited at 1 of the textile shop. I chosed 1, like pic below

Fig 1 Testing the kain in photo

Muke we both xcaye dgn kata2 our tailor :)

Price??? Harga pas 250k Rp per meter.. Erkk its RM90 per meter.. ??!! lagi bek cari kt Malaysia, xpayah susah2 ke Bandung heee… So after confirm the design with tailor, he gave us list of material & quantity we needed to buy. Hunting punye hunting, at last I found a shop selling same material at price of 170k Rp per meter (RM61.20/m)..Thanks to my friend daus coz showed the SA pic he took (Fig 1). Then we spent a whole day in the Pasar Baru, beli kain for my family (hello I have 3 bro & 3 sis & need to buy kain for their spouse/kids as well oke!!).. Beli kain untuk deco bilik pengantin & nikah gazebo.. yang paling phatetic kn, si Messieurs E nak jugak kain shantung utk reception my side yang arganye RM5.4 semeter...beria i suh he choose other kain yang pricey sket dia xmo!

We also bought kain for kebaya (my friend boleh buat bisness plak), tgk2 hardcover card.. bleh dpt 1 pc RM2.10 incl shippingtp xlawa sgt. Yg paling oke & paling mura to me price around RM2.40. tp I didn’t ordered, I only need invi card price below RM2.00.
Then seperti yg diplan we went to FO at Dago Street. Xbest!! A bit kecewa. Mcm FOS kt sini je
So that nite the tailor came to our place & take measurement. All upah+shipping cost me less than RM1.5k (shipping je RM108, dia xmo pakai cheap nye shipping..this one 3days je dah sampai).

Day 3 we went for FO at Riau street, ok jugak & Rumah Mode..Rumah Mode paling byk diborong. But frankly baju for ladies mostly is oversized .. and semi high end brands xla byk sgt.. pon begitu aku shopping like 12-15 items… Petang tu sempat singgah ke Pasar Baru beli baju my sis pesan.In front of Rumah Mode

Then we went for body massage. Full body massage cost me RM36.60 only! Sayangnye xsempat nak wat mani & pedi which harga lebih kurang centu gak.. & then that nite the tailor datang again bring the dress utk fitting!mmg da siap, tinggal nk wat finishing je. he also brought us g enjoy2 heee

Last day we went to Tangkuban Perahu.. Barula merasa aktiviti holiday… Otw back makan kt Kg Daun..Tangkuban Perahu

Sebut pasal makan, that is the most thing I would miss in Bandung..sume tempat supir bawak makan sedap sgt.. tempat cantik then spinggan nasi lauk sume price below RM15. Okeh sgt!! kedai makan yang we all g were ayam goreng suharti, sari pawan, D cost...

Lastly I can’t wait to see my wedding dress!! One month lagi, sabar2