September 22, 2014

DIY Baby Blanket & Headband

I have been working on a baby blanket since last April. It is a crochet blanket using Afgan hook. It was my first attempt to work on crochet. Fuh..It was so time consuming & requiring a lot of motivation drive to complete the project.

The dimension is about 90x100 cm and I used simple stripe pattern. I planned the pattern in Excel worksheet to choose right color combination.

The blanket is also with initial of 'S', which refers to the baby name, Skye. I am half regret with the decision to put in the initial, because it was so irritating to tie the knot each time I changed the yarn color.

So this is the end product, it took me nearly 5 months to complete.

Then I came out with an idea to make a matching baby head band. This was easy peasy project. Definately much more easier  & faster than the blanket itself. I sew pearl beads to compliment the flower finish.

 Headband with Flower Embelishment

 Adjustable Length (few options of button hole)

Both End of the Headband

Both Blanket and Headband were Properly Wrapped
And this is the baby Skye and her mom. Both are equally beautiful.


Anonymous said...

kreatif , cantik..rajinnye awak

journey of a lady said...

thanks dear. blanket tu mmg seksa la sikit. headband senang sgt. boleh siap in 1-2 days. try la