November 25, 2010

soft pink veil~very gojes

i suppose pink is the most favorite color theme, regardless for solemnization or reception..kan kan?

so this post i recommend this soft pink veil owned by Miss X.. sangat gojes ok the workmanship even though i tengok from her blog je..if i ever touch it myself, mesti akan sgt2 envy with her huhu. it is done by UNAISAH AZLAN & 2m long.

since her blog does not reveal the rental fee, please contact her at

please please rent this. i am sure it worths your money..


mizzura said...

nice nyer kaler pink..nikah outfit kita pun pink..tengah pikior nak design camana..

|Make-Up Artist Tak Mekap Artis Je|

journey of a lady said...

sama lah..i pun nikah kaler pink~
putih memang mlambang kan suci, tp mcm kalau pakai lepas tu nampak sgt bj nikah heehe