April 7, 2010


last weekend i also went to PS area & bought lantern. unfortunately most of color & size are OOS.
the will restock may be another month..sighh...anyway i manage to buy 2 pc big size lantern in lime color as well as 2 pc in pink color. also i bought baba nyonya umbrella.hee thinking to use is as my props for my pre wedding photo shoot..

view inside the shop

outside view

they also have many shape of lantern as well as printed lantern.
sure will go again to buy my remaining lantern needed :)
psss any one want to place order??buy in bulk may be can get discount


miss nona said...

awak...kite nk tumpang order gk lantern..

journey of a lady said...

boleh2...nnti email ye..asap tau cos rabu i g bandung & balik bandung trus g beli lantern

ms_B said...


nk tumpang beli lantern boleh lg ke?


aziraarif said...

ok tak harge dia?ni kedai yg WLT mention tu ke?


luvbonna@yahoo.com said...


nak order paper lantern boleh tak??

Atiqah Adnan said...

i merely want to ask u..
kedai jual lantern ni kat mane ye..?
email me plz..


journey of a lady said...

salam smua..cane la i leh xdpt notification for all comment here...
Ms B sori..patut i leh amik order u skali cos i beli lantern tu on 9 may..

girls...i will email u okey??

journey of a lady said...

klu i jual lantern2 ini:

10" RM4.40
12" RM4.90
14" RM5.50
16" RM6.40

agak2 ok ke ek?cadang nk boh kt lowyat ngeee...kena cr duit lebih ni

miss ika said...

hye dear..
btw, congrats!!
im from ipoh too..
insyaallah kahwin bulan 9 nie..
so,byk perancangan nk kene pk nie..
u boleh emel kt i mane u beli lantern tue?
i suke gile letak byk2 lantern mase my wedding nnt~


thank u so much..

will be reading ur blog sampai abes~:))

thanks for sharing dear!