February 14, 2010


today i paid deposit for the hall.settle 1 thing.now need to find caterer plak.

oh yea, harus diceritakan this morning Messieurs E informed his mom da bought lace for his side reception. guess what color??grey + silver uwaaaa..i imagine i would be dull on that day..cane nak naik kan seri pengantin ni? hand bouquet boleh? anyway, eventhough my color proposal for his side was rejected, at least i able to choose color for solemnation nanti..fuh..before this we want to use lace given during engagement ritu which is pink+cream, i dint mind sgt sbb sweet jugak..tp since i could not choose color for his side, so i change my mind to adopt this proposal on the solemnation. boleh gitu??

sukati lah..this is my dream kan. Messieurs E said this color not suitable cos kinda bright (normally people would wear plain color), tapi i mentioned to him no toleration anymore please...i da willing to wear those silver color, so let me choose for this one. oyehhh

atas permintaan ramai saya revealkan contact details dewan ok?
tp if mereka tak lagi kerja dgn dewan tu sori tau sbb i da x contact with them, and please let me know if uols find out so.

mahkamah syariah
En azizi 012-535 1541
Hopefully dia masih keje situ la kn?

dewan silveritage en nizam 016-5658574

dewan umno (sblh impian hotel) pn azian 05-253 0471

dewan carsem i da lost no dia..dlu i call carsem office minta contact no even dia act bkn under carsem management


Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

dear, silver & grey work well, serious tak dull, the thing is u pick another color for deco.. my latest entry yg kawan i kawin tu she wear grey dress & lelaki grey suit, deco black & red, nice sangat.. serious grey & silver tak dull.. u can have bouquet yg brighter that the lace tone, hope everything gonna be okay.. nanti i post somemore pic so u have the picture okay..

journey of a lady said...

ok2..reception dress tu i da anta tempah...i suh dia mix up light pink color nye kain..hopefully work well la....pelamin lak i paksa wat color2 ceria sket heh